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Loving Islands Protect Our Paradise campaign organic t-shirts

Protect Our Paradise campaign 2017.

“The Protect Our Paradise campaign is dedicated to every island paradise still left in the Pacific. We are innovating the Pacific to bring sustainable income opportunities to the doorstep of every island resident.” 

– Litia Kirwin, Founding Director, Loving Islands

Join us now and #ProtectOurParadise!
Click here to purchase a campaign T-shirt.

The Campaign ~ Sales of organic cotton T-Shirts to fund sustainable innovation in the Pacific.

The Protect our Paradise campaign is raising investible funds to develop the minimum viable product of an innovative online platform! We believe this platform has the potential to unlock unprecedented sustainable incomes for Pacific Island communities whilst boosting the emerging ethical food business sector.

We’re targeting $30,0000 from the sale of our organic cotton campaign T-shirts, available online for $39.99 (Free Aus shipping  or $15 international flat rate). Campaign T’s have all been designed and hand-printed on organic cotton at our studio in Noosa, Queensland 🙂


The Innovative Technology Platform ~ Everybody wins.

Yes we believe everyone can win in business, we just need better models!

We believe our online platform is a great business model that solves the challenges of island producers with the supply chain needs of ethical food business sector in countries like Australia, United States and China.

Finally, after 8 months of research and development the minimum viable product (MVP) is the next step in concept validation! Of course, we would looovvee to tell you more! But until the MVP is up and running and we have the legalities of intellectual property sorted we should probably keep things under wraps.

loving-islands-protect-our-paradise-buy-organic-t-shirts-onlineHow to get involved ~ Purchase a Protect Our Paradise campaign T-shirt!

Thank you for your interest! You can purchase one (or ten!) of our organic Protect Our Paradise campaign T-shirts at our online store here. The profits from these sales will be invested into the development of the MVP of our innovative platform.

If you’re a retailer wanting to stock our campaign T-Shirts then please email

If you’re a ethical food business in QLD looking for high-quality organic suppliers please send us an email at

Last but not least, don’t forget to spread the word!

Vinaka & Thanks again to everyone that gets behind this campaign ~ you are of legendary status in our books!

Protect Our Paradise Campaign

Thanks for helping #ProtectOurParadise!

Organic cotton T-shirts that funds the development of an online platform to sustainably transform remote Pacific island communities.

Designed and hand-printed in Noosa, Australia.

Click here to purchase

Free Aus shipping
$15 International flat rate

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